Chill with a Book Awards: May Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter

Hello Honourees, Readers and Friends

Happy May Day!

What a month April turned out to be with a record number of books being submitted for evaluation for a Chill Award. It has also been a record month with Readers’ Awards. We also welcome new readers to Chill. Our wonderful readers are from, UK, USA and various countries in Europe. All are amazing and avid readers and are the corner stone of Chill’s Readers’ Award.

In between evaluating submitted books and announcing Awards, I had an opportunity to be interviewed at Portobello Book Blog and  Katrina Marie's fabulous Blog  where I talked about my writing and Chill with a Book Awards. 

During April ELEVEN Readers’ Awards were awarded.

A standing ovation please for these great reads…

Bloodie Bones by Lucienne Boyce

Sea Witch by Helen Hollick

For King and Country by Charlene Newcomb

The Lights Went Out and Other Stories by Fiona Cooke Hogan

The Guardian Child's Return by Diana L Wicker

Queen of Trial and Sorrow by Susan Appleyard

Mask of Duplicity by Julie Brannan

The Flower Seller by Ellie Holme

Fair Weather by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Caught Between Two Worlds by June Moonbridge

Brake Failure by Alison Brodie

Book of the Month for April 2017 has joint WINNERS  

drum roll….

 Mask of Duplicity by Julie Brannan

Fair Weather by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

A HUGE congratulations to all Awardees.

All these great reads can be seen at

Also a BIG thank you to all our readers who make the awards possible, their evaluations and comments, collectively, determine if a book is to receive the Readers’ Award.

There are now TWO trailers on Youtube showcasing all Awardees until end of March 2017

Awardees 2016

Awardees 2017 part 1

Both trailers are showcased on Chill’s web site.

A trailer for April 2017 Awardees will be produced shortly.

The total visits on the web site, as I write, is just under 129,000

That all the news for now, until next time, I hope the sun is shining on your face and in your heart.



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The Guardian Child's Return has been AWARDED a

Chill with a Book READERS’ Award

The Guardian Child's Return was read and evaluated by Chill's readers against a five point criteria

One of the Tales from Feyron - The Ripples of Power stories

The Guardians have awakened after the Time of Sleep and returned to renew the magic with the clans of Faie. At the request of the Guardian, Lord Grypos, Keeper of Knowledge, the Master Scholar travels through the Outer Gateway with craftsmen and apprentices to coordinate the repairs of the once great oasis that houses the ancient archives of knowledge known as the Island in the Sands.

As the summer wanes and the oasis begins to return to its former glory, the Guardian calls the Master Scholar to the meditation room in the wee hours of the night to discuss a journey. In the fire an image flickers of the red desert sands speeding past, a land of grey beyond the desert, and a cavern of twilight behind an obsidian wall. “Arwyn and Shyamal are to go there for me to seek out that which was once mine.”

What starts as a seemingly simple journey becomes an adventure with life threatening consequences as the two are unexpectedly joined by their friends on a journey far from home beyond the realms of light in a realm that few within the clans of Faie knew could even be reached.

1.       Were the characters strong and engaging?

2.       Was the book well written?

3.       Did the plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?

4.       Was the ending satisfying?

5.       Would you tell your friends?

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